Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm with your girlfriend eating chips....mmm....uh....mmmm.

I feel like the easyness/not-writing-ness of tumblr has made me feel like I've hit a blogspot wordblock. (fucking tongue twisterrr). So anyone who reads this, please forgive my lack of great blog writing/one sided conversation.
I went on a hike today for the first time since I moved here and enjoyed it more then I thought. I'm generally a pretty big fan of being in nature, but the idea of 1) dragging my ass out of bed on a Sunday morning and 2) climbing up a hill with a bunch of LA douchebags who are in 100000x better shape then me and all have dogs (makes me jealous and sad), didn't really turn my crank too much. Either way I stopped being a wiener and did it, and actually had a good time.
Not to get all deep-blog here, but even though my adjustment to life here (LA mang) has been slow and isolating at times, I feel like it's forcing me to figure a lot of shit out about myself. This time that lesson being that instead of being a little bitch about how
lazy I am, stop being lazy. (There's also lessons on inadequacy, relationships, etc. But i'll save that juicy shit for another emotion-filled faggy blog.)

All in all, my ass is looking firm and banging is the moral of this story I would say.
Also, I just realized after spell checking this that i've been spelling "wiener" wrong my entire life. I use this word SEVERAL times a day. Thanks for not telling me ever, everyone.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

fuck it, i think think i need her. usually i toot it and boot it, but ima keep her.

The past few weeks I've been a horrible blogspot-cheater and been rubbing all up in tumblr. It takes me 2 seconds to post shit on there, and saves everyone from long blog write-ups where I usually just talk about what I ate, and what food network show I watched before bed. Since my sister pointed out the other day that I haven't posted on here in a while though I thought I'd go back to my blog-roots. (I sound like an asshole.)
A month or so has passed and not too much has gone down though. I feel like I'm starting to settle here more and more. I've done some neighbourhood walking around, hanging w good (some new) people, been cooking a lot, and have even (hopefully) slowed up my moving-to-somewhere-new-weight-gain by doing pilates in my apartment every night. (Not fun for the neighbours who can easily look in my window and see my doing "mermaid pose" naked.)
I got to go to Utah for a few days in January, which was a pretty nice trip. I was working the whole time, but getting to see the mountains every day/being in snow for even a few days was amazing. Below is a sort of fuzzy picture picture of the mountain, and a super awesome picture of 2 Utah dogs wearing hockey Jerseys:

Now I'm off to go watch more episodes of That's So Raven (all I've done for the past several days), and listen to my neighbour test out his electric guitar. (what an awesome idea to start playing at 11pm, man!)

p.s. i know it's probably sac-religious or some shit to put this on here, but look at my tumblrrrrr.

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