Tuesday, March 30, 2010

because he miscalculated the exit of the last pump.

I downloaded this a long time ago and for some reason haven't listened to it until today. Dumb. It's so good.

I'm back in Montreal now. It's weird being gone for a long time then coming back. Nothing has actually changed but I feel really different about it here now. (Poetic. I know.) I got greeted by this guy:

Which was really nice. He looks embarrassed in this picture because he was just eating chip crumbs out of the creases of the couch. Like mother like son.

Today the neighbours were playing their french talk radio so loudly I thought there was a french man with a mega phone walking around the building. I was scared the separatists were coming to get me. I bounced and bought dog food (hung out with 2 wiener dog puppies.), bought some new deodorant, then had dinner with Brit. It ended up being a pretty productive day off considering I slept in until 1. Now I'm going to watch episodes of 30 rock and drink a beer. BANG.

ALSO, it's supposed to be 20 + degrees this weekend. BON FIRES BON FIRES BON FIRES.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I put this on my lord, my niece was 4 when she felt chinchilla.

I keep switching back and fourth between the below Johnny Cash song and Clipse songs. It's a real mood-fucker upper. I go from being romantic & forlorn to aggressive & hard. I'm an emotional thug I guess.

Still in Vancouver, maybe sticking it out until the end of the week/beginning of next week now. I've been here for so long I'm starting to get anxious about going back home now. I think after a few days of Montreal I'll escape to Brockville for Easter and get in a full few days of chocolate eating/motorcycle rides/shooting at cans (IF DAD LETS ME)/hanging with my sister/bonfires. Dreammmmmmmmm. Those are all my favorite things. I have to go get a full physical there though which means I have to get a pap smear. ugh. I'll just put on my ipod and listen to "pussy" by clipse and laugh at the irony while the doctor does his thing. ew.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

you will agree, i'm the best.

Someone is barfing outside my window. Ugh. No escape.

This blog post Michelle posted made me love her even more then I already do/shit myself.

I'm still in Vancouver and it's beautiful and I love it. I haven't had time to see any friends here and am a bit homesick, but overall Vancouver is a pretty fucking good combination of nature/city.

I've had to listen to the radio these past 2 weeks more then any other time in my life because I'm in a car at least an hour ago and every radio song now is about partying and listening to other songs on the radio and getting drunk while listening to the radio songs and I don't really get it. This girl is all over the radio, it looks like she's on a permanent walk of shame.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Get over there and bust that pussy open.

Life wants:

Pretty easy I think.
I should be sleeping right now. We have to have a giant meeting at our work apartment tomorrow night and I feel like I'm preparing for a birthday party and don't want it to be boring and be the lame kid with the boring party. Oh man. 12 year old stress is plaguing me.

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