Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Want to be cool? MOTORCYCLE

I want to get on a motorcycle with a babe man in a wicked leather jacket and ride around the country, sleep in fields, eat at diners,  swim in lakes, and loveeeee.

I just found out that on August 14th, before one of our Trot the Fox Friday there will be a performance at Green Room by Bat for Lashes. YEAH. I feel pretty happy about that. I'm not into a lot of female singers now a days but I do like her music/think she is pretty rad. 

I'm also super excited about the next 2 weeks and the goings ons in them. I have tomorrow off and about a million errands to do but Friday we have Trot the Fox, Saturday I have off and have fun plans, Sunday I get to go to Brockville and hang out with family (Fud included) then back for Ryan and Sabina's art show then another fun Trot the Fox. YEAH YEAH YEAH. Brockville is going to be the best and necessary to my sanity. Dad has planned a turkey dinner the night we get home followed by a campfire and there is nothing more in the world I want to do then those 2 things. 

p.s. is it wrong that I totally have a crush on Leland from DOG the bounty hunter? I already know the answer is yes but I can't help it. 


Thursday, July 16, 2009

huh, i'm a big girl now.

I just ate a container of Rocky Road ice cream for dinner.
I need to get a grip.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm usually not into babies very much, but this baby is dancing to a new Major Lazer song that i'm obsessed with called "Mary Jane" and is obviously about weed. THAT BABY LOVES GETTING DOWN TO WEED SONGS. Funny baby.

real version HERE

I'm DJing at Blue Dog for the first time tonight with Ilya and totes plan on playing that song and dancing like that fucking baby.

Montreal weather has been mental and it's starting to piss me off. It was SO nice out yesterday morning, giving me hope that I could run all of my errands in the warm sun, but then....RAIN. Tons of rain on and off all day. Now it's grey and freezing out today. ITS FUCKING JULY. Whoever is in charge of the weather needs to get a grip. 

Yesterday/last night I had a fun board game night planned and made super fancy snack plates which consisted of deviled eggs, stuffed mushrooms and radish flowers, night time came, I had heard from no one. AND THATS ITS. No one came, and I sat with my radish flowers and vowed never to try and have a game party again ever. 
Actually 2 people did end up coming over (big up to michelle and christine) and we had fun, so it wasn't all total loss. Now I have to eat deviled eggs for every meal though. I also discovered that Buckley is the best guest/myself entertainment in the world. Funny Dog.

On Seinfeld they were talking about Twix bars and now it's all I can think about. Shit man.

In AWESOME news I have a super fun week to look forward too coming up because I get to go to Brockville for 4 full days, then Fud is coming back with me to Montreal, then Ryan and Sabina's art show, and then my sister is going to come to Green Room for our Friday. YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I need a gf...i'm lonely. Someone to love me and fuck me.

Instant cure for any bad mood:

Get nails with naked ladies on them.

Listen to this song. (p.s. the singer looks like he's 12, which in my opinion, makes it SO much better.)

Eat A LOT of meat. So much. (BBQed only) Between eating this meat, play with the million super cute dogs who are sniffing at your picnic table looking for some of your aforementioned meat. Since we got back from the BBQ Buckley hasn't moved once. So cute. So tired.

Work tomorrow. Blah. Trot the Fox tomorrow night. Yeah!

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