Monday, December 29, 2008


the mold juice that was in my fridge dripped onto the floor and now is making my floor smell like rotten pepperoni.

afterall, your hair is your headsuit.

I am back in montreal. Christmas visit was awesome, i'm happy to be back in montreal now though. I had good family times and got awesome gifts.

GIFTS - My mom got me a hair straightener and a portable dvd player plus lots of other awesome things, including season 2 of 30 Rock which makes me laugh out loud more then any show has in a super long time. The combination of Tracy Jordan and Kenneth is too much for me to deal with. My dad got me an amazing antique trunk, which he stained, made a plate inside with my name on it, and mounted my antique mexican fighting knife in it (so cute dad). The knife has writing on it that looks like the writing on aragon's sword in lord of the rings. toooo coooollll. Fud started us a trip account so we can save up for sister trip...and olsen twins christmas caper movie.

FAMILY TIMES - Were hilarious. We took my nanny out for a birthday dinner and had greek food. Fud and I went Brockville bar hopping to all 3 bars which was jokes. I got more wasted then I have been in ever. Low point being I fell down the stairs and smashed off my christmas pinky nail. High point being some guy in line at "the storm" offered to pay the bouncer $100 to get in and fud said "shit, i'll give you a blow job for $100". No one got it but me.

Matt and buckley picked me up yesterday. We had a sleepover at my dads house and when we went to the upstairs bedroom to sleep saw that it was TAKEN OVER BY SPIDERS. I'm not afraid of spiders normally but we counted 25 and there were more hiding in places. Not ok.

We got home today and bought tons of groceries and then aggressively cleaned the kitchen. When I removed the drawers from the bottom of the fridge I found a fridge pond of gelatinous mold sitting at the bottom. I gagged the whole time I cleaned.

Thanks for the sweet welcome back fridge. shit.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

nail soul mates?

um btw. i just found this website.

its some girls blog about nail designs, she even has them catagorized by type of design.
wowie zowie.

Ho Ho Ho or No Ho Ho Ho

So even though it's not Christmas yet i've already had a pretty good holiday season. On Sunday (the day before I came home to Brockville) I had a delicious breakfast at one man show with Lora and got the awesome xmas socks she gave me. Then I did some shopping in the snow. Then when I got home that night Matt and I had our Christmas together, ate some food, walked buck in the snow, and exchanged presents. Matt got me a..........KITCHEN AID MIXER.

To some of you this may seem not all that exciting, to me it means I am closer to my lifetime goal of being like Martha Stewart. I've been watching Martha Stewart living since I was like 13 and have drooled over her Kitchen-Aid mixer and all of the delicious things she made with it. NOW THAT CAN BE ME. It was a big time good gift on matt's behalf. Now i'm in Brockville and i've been sitting on my Mom's couch/bed for the past 2 days watching The Tudors (season 2 is fucking crazy, and the french king is a fucking babe) and Christmas movies.

There are more awesome things to come soon too. Fud's coming home tomorrow night, then it's Christmas day, then Matt and Buck are going to pick me up in Brockville then I have no school until the 12th of January. AMAZING. During that time I plan on painting the apartment and making it look awesome. I'm also going to be planning the next Bootyshots! night during that time which is going to be my birthday party as well.n FUN TIMES FUN FUTURE TIMES.
I'm going to my dad's house tonight where there is only dial-up internet, which takes 3 minutes to load one page, so i'm going to be internetless for a bit.

So MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE! And a Happy Chanukah to all my jewish friends. (katz sisters...that one is for you. barak Check Spellinghashem.)

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I got my first adult-girl christmas tree today. My house smells like xmas.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

wanna make a biker get hard?

should I buy this?

dear avril lavigne - grow the fuck up.

Today I bought Candy Cane Crackle ice cream, gave $3 to a nice homeless dude, went for a walk in the snow, and watched 2 Christmas movies. I'm totally starting to feel the Christmas spirit, which unfortunately makes me super super homesick. I get to go home in about 2 weeks though, but then i'll miss Matt and Buck and be homesick for here. Fuck.I have 4 exams this upcoming week and am kind of stressed about them. Plus I found out I missed 2 hours extra of a class and could fail for that reason (only 7 hours are allowed being missed before failing), the teacher hasn't marked it on the online absence thing though so hopefully she doesn't notice and i'm a-ok.
If not bummer - it's the worst most annoying class and if I had to sit and watch my fishnet wearing teacher sit on the desk with her legs open, talking about how awesome she is one more time I might shoot myself in the face.

This lil' guy makes all my problems disappear though.
and the 3rd bowl of ice cream i'm about to eat helps too.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008


i typed in 4 real and found the picture that is now my title.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy December.

This dog from the "Peticure" commercials makes me laugh out loud for a super long time.


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