Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday, March 30, 2008

fallen homies

if this makes you too sad you can scroll down a little and look at the cute dogs.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

clinton keep your mouth shut!

i just ate an entire bag of presidents choice brand popcorn to myself in under 10 minutes. after having a giant dinner. shit.

today was a big write off matt was sick so i just chilled with him all day. i made a delicious dinner though which was something. and i bought cat litter for multi-cat houses (my house!) which was a good brand but ended up being cheaper then the shit i was buying before which does nothing and makes my house always smell like cat pee and chemicals.

only 2 people wrote back about the jobs and both were to tell me that the link of my resume i sent them didn't work. ugh. i wish i could get a job being a popcorn tester.

the sooner i get a job the sooner i can sent sarah byrnes the money to get me these beauties.

thats right. these are knee high timberland boots. please help me get a job so i can get these. please. thank you.

and i need a job because i have to pay bills. thats important too. right destinys child?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

good idea becky.

sometimes i wish i could be...

run fat boy run looks funny.

i just applied for 5 jobs on craigslist and 2 of them don't look completely like shit. i applied the other day to one and the guy emailed me back and after 3 emails still wouldn't tell me the discription via email and gave me his cell number to contact him. i chose not to, it seemed sketchy. i hate looking for a fucking job so much.

they are doing dr. suess cake challange on food network right now. yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. i am AMAZED.

today was a good day, i had a delicious brunch with tony and stef then i went and got all the rest of my stuff from ryan and sabinas tonight. yeah for greg, lora and brett's help. i also discovered that i have a biggg chunk of bob soap i haven't even used yet.

it smelt so nice and spring-like all day which made me feel hopeful for the end of winter, and excited for upcoming summer events like the bbq we're going to buy and the bike i got today that i'm going to learn how to ride this summer!

i'm going to buy a helmet.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


pretty much this blog is dedicated to small parts of news i want to tell fud but can't because i can't contact her. so.

1) i worked coat check at main hall last night which was so boring and i checked 8 coats BUT bartender jaime said he just got a new at home job rewriting hip hop artists biographies and possibly could get me a job.

2) i had easter dinner today and didn't eat ham! (thats for kristen)

3) i had an easter egg hunt this morning. (thanks matt)

4) i'm applying to school this week!

5) oliver from sala rosa called me to tell me i didn't leave him enough change in the till when the bartender told me he would do it, and when i told him that was still pretty mean to me and made me feel really dumb.

i don't have much going on today.

iron chef is on. todays special ingredient is puff pastry. if cat cora doesn't win this one i'm going to doubt her skills as an iron chef.

i just found out peeps are the number 1 most fattening easter food. i'm really happy i ate about 76 of them last week.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

the tale of lazy legs

i just got done working coat check at sala rosa and tonight there was a break dance competition. there was a lot of white people wearing super tacky hip hop clothes and doing the break dance walk which is so annoying to watch. BUT the good news is montreal celebrity lazy legs was there judging (he was on americas got talent and he has 2 canes (?) or crutches that he uses while break dancing) and he did some crazy moves. his legs are lazy but his crutches are not. this picture is actually him. he's in google image search. some guy was a dick to me big time and then later came up to me told me to 'smile more' and said he was trying to flirt with me, i lost it and told him he was an asshole and no woman would ever respond to him then i wiped my mucus on his coat. i was pretty happy about that. one of my nails broke tonight too and i noticed my real nail is growing into my skin. i keep picking it and it hurts.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


on the food network right now there is a show called 'river cottage treatment' and they get people who eat a lot of processed and fast food to go out in the country and grow vegetables and (usually) watch an animal be slaughtered and butchered and then they cook everything. BUT in this one they are making them shoot their own dinner.

oh man. now they are plucking and gutting the birds themselves.

poor pidgeons.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


i'm home. i think the only people who know about my blog are the ones who were in texas with me so i'm not going to go through every detail. other then IT WAS SO FUN AND SO WARM AND SO BEAUTIFUL. and after a long time of wanting one i got a 2 finger ring with my initials on it for only 80 BUCKS.

i'm glad to be home now though, it's not as cold as i thought. now i have to go back to real life though and find a job, pay bills, shower...etc.
PLUS i think gob is pregnant which is weird because the only action she's getting is from clinton who is fixed. hm.
the jamie foxx show is on right now and everytime he sings the audience sounds go 'wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo'. now he's in a limo with sexy ladies. 'woooooooooooooooooooooooo'. i plan on spending all day tomorrow being nakedz and watching LOTR 10 times over. (the elijah wood spotting put me in the mood.) to the ladies i have spent the past week with. i miss you. xoxo

Friday, March 7, 2008


i'm in brockville!
this morning was pretty bananas but i made it to the train station on time. matt left for work at 5 and we had a sad goodbye. then i had to leave at 8 and the cats and i had a sad goodbye.

i ended up getting everything packed into 3 bags (not bad for clothes, 5 pairs of shoes, pillow, blanket, etc.) and got a cab pretty quickly (not many cabs come to my area). when i got to the train station my cab driver said 'i enjoyed driving you this morning, you are pretty, perhaps we will see eachother again'. it was weird, but sweet....?

dad and i went out for lunch today at boboli and i had a currey chicken sandwhich and a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie that was sooooo good.

not much else has happened since i've been here. mom's cat bug freaked out on me because she smelt clinton and job and tried to attack me.

now i'm going to watch the tudors with johnathan rhys myers. yeah yeah yeah.

also, i figured out the name of the girl who performs with M.I.A., it's Cherry and she has a band called De Tropix. i couldn't find out how to share songs, so this is the myspace address.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

my day. my night. what is TO BE.

Santogold "L.E.S. Artistes"

stole this from perez. sorry perez.

tomorrow I go to brockville and then to toronto and then to a million other places on my way to TEXASSSSSS. i haven't finished packing tonight though which i need to get going on because i'm leaving early tomorrow for bville.

matts phone was not in the snow btw. it's gonezo. (sad face)i did not save the day.

i got all the things I needed to get done today and was pretty happy about it. i bought cat food, 2 new pairs of glasses, a new awesome purse, dropped off rent, got mail (one of my old jobs fucked me and said i only paid 118 in taxes when i actually paid over 400. mfkers) and went to R&S and hung out with them and jimmy and watched a movie being made. it was fun, buttttttt i waited all day to see if peanut butter noodle place would open because i haven't had them in months and it never opened. it was pretty devastating.

now i'm going to pack and sleep with thoughts of texas. i have to say bye to matt and the cats which is sad, but other then that i'm rarring to go.

there possibly might be a post about whats happening on iron chef later.i'm not sure if i can stay up that late/handle the excitment of another intense match.


the cats have started fighting a lot lately, but not cute fun fighting - they are seriously hurting eachother. then clinton comes and cuddles me because he knows he was mean to gob.

also, i just realized that the picture of a cat on my cat repellent spray (makes them stop scratching couches) looks identical to clinton. hagen pet supplies must have known about his love of scratching my god damn couch. p.s. (this is directed to fud) a soon as i find the cord for the camera you will have a new batch of adorable cat pictures.

today i'm going on an adventure to buy new sunglasses at chinese earring store, get our mail at the post office, buy cat food, drop of rent check for the place i don't live at anymore but still have to bring a rent check too and then go help make a movie at R&S with a pretty famous child actor. FUNFUNFUN

but then I have to pack more. blah

matt lost his phone this morning on the way to work and i just noticed a phone shape hole in the snow outside. i'm going to investigate.

this video is a girl named rye rye and she's 16 and flyyyyyyyyy. i think this has been out for a while but i just found it so i'm into it. (behind the times?)

does anyone know how to post just the video. i can't figure it out.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Food channel.

i LOVE the food network. there was just a show about making disney princess cakes,

and now on Iron Chef the secret ingredient is chocolate. oh man.

cat cora is making a meal with chocolate and lobster. my mind is melting.

1st blog yo.

Ok, so I just realized Sasha has a blog too, and I knew Kristen and Fud had one, so fuck it. Now I have one too.

I started packing for texas today and am SO EXCITED. I also hemmed 2 dresses (sewing skills thanks to kristen and my new xmas sewing machine). These things are what i'm most excited for in Texas...

also, last week when I was bored I found a website where you can dress up online dolls. i'm sure the websites for 12 year olds but it was really fun so I made some awesome outfits. these are what i would want to look out if i was an online japanese dress up doll.

here's a song i found the other day i love now. kid sister just covered it which is also so good. but this is the only version i could find.

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