Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My favorite thing to do is to watch Martha Stewart and drink hot cocoa.

So I've decided to be a vampire for Halloween and when I was looking for ideas of what to wear I found this babe.She's from a 1971 movie called "La Noche de Walpurgis" or "The werewolf vs. the vampire woman." I think i'm going to use her as inspiration. With more mouth blood though.

Also, I don't know how the fuck I'm going to be able to get up and go to school in the full-on winter. I don't have class until 3 today and i'm already procrastinating on running errands before class and wishing I didn't have to go to class at all.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


From upstate New York to way Down South
I heard you do a mic-a-check-a with a dick in your mouth
You're ready for the showdown, the low down
Lyte strikes again, another hoe down
Fuckin to you, Shanny, is like a fad
Flippin coins with your mom to see who sucks dad
But wait a second, I heard you're kinda funky
But then again, who's heard of a clean junkie?
How funky of a smell could one woman make?
Yo fellas, I think she need a douche break
(Douche, douche it out - douche break
(Douche, douche it out - douche
(Douche, douche it out - douche break
(Douche, douche it out - douche, douche, douche
(Douche, douche it out - douche break
(Douche, douche it out - I think you need a douche)

More things.

I need to go on a road trip. School is bumming me out.

Furthermore - if I had a daughter and she went out for Halloween as slutty Hannah Montana, I would call her a whore to her face.

This is reason number 72304727393 why I can't have/don't want children.

Matt and I did a big grocery shop the other day and got Nutella and I can't stop eating it by the spoonful. Yuck.

I'm going to Pistol tonight to meet Ilya (girl) and talk about the possibility of starting a night.

I don't think "House of Payne" is funny. I think people might say it's because it's a 'comedy show about a black family' and I am.....white (on the outside). But I don't find Everybody loves Raymond, or 2 and a half men funny either. I think I don't like modern sitcoms.

Mid-terms are over. I did ok on them. I could have study more but I feel like if I spend any more time doing school work I won't have time to eat or sleep.

HAHA maybe I like House of Payne now. The overweight mom was talking to her husband about going on a diet and she said 'No fat or sugar!' and he said 'What? You're going to leave me?' HAHAHA I CHANGED MY MIND

I'm very proud of my friends/family lately. Fud is doing very well at Myspace...flourishing even. Ryan and Sabina are getting lots of work and doing a huge music video right now. Matt is getting active and started playing hockey again. Rob is going to be on Much Music soon. AND EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING AWESOME THINGS TOO.

At this moment I wish I could sing 'Oh happy day' from Sister Act 2 with Becky Katz.

This deserves it's own post.

I've been watching "Friends" for about 10 years now and I'm still not sick of it.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I don't know what to be for Halloween

So far I was thinking:

-Lisa left eye lopes
-Sarah Palin
-90's gino girl (not that different from normal dress)
-Jaime Lynn Spears

but thats all I got...
I need something mobile as I will be working.

I'm open to suggestions. Please no "sexy" themed costumes.

I almost just had an accident with fruit punch and my new white shirt. eek.

Also, everyone please think positive thoughts for me tomorrow morning. I have my Fashion Phenomena mid-term. eek again.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thanksgiving was good.

My dick cost a late night fee
Your dick got the HIV
My dick plays on the double feature screen
Your dick went straight to DVD

My dick bigger than a bridge
Your dick look like a little kids
My dick rush like the chargers (the whole team)
Your shit look like you fourteen

My dick locked in a cage (right)
Your dick suffer from stage fright
My dick so hot its stolen
Your dick look like Gary Coleman

My dick pink and big
Your dick stinks like shit
My dick got a caesar doo,
Your dick needs a tweezer dude

My dick is like supersize
Your dick look like two fries
My dick more mass than the Earth
Your dick half staff (it needs work)

My dick been there done that
Your dick sits there with dunce cap
My dick, V.I.P.
Your shit needs I.D.

[Repeat 2x]
It's time that we let the world know
Dude, you gotta let your girl go
D.S. is the best in the business
P.s. we got dicks like Jesus

My dick need no introduction
Your dick don't even function
My dick served a whole lunch-in
Your dick, it look like a munchkin

My dick size of a pumpkin
Your dick look like Macauley Culkin
My dick good good lovin'
Your dick good for nothin'

My dick bench pressed 350
Your dick couldn’t shotlift at thrifty
My dick pretty damn skimpy
Your dick hungry as a hippy

My dick don't fit down the chimney
Your dick is like a kid from the Philippines
My dick is like an M16
Your dick, broken vending machine

My dick parts the seas
Your dick farts and quiefs
My dick rumble in the jungle
Your dick got touched by your uncle

My dick goes to yoga
Your dick fruit roll up
My dick grade a beef
Your dick made a geek

My dick sick and dangerous
Your dick quick and painless
My dick 'nuff said.
Your dick loves sweat

[Repeat 2x]
It's time that we let the world know
Dude, you gotta let your girl go
D.S. is the best in the business
P.s. we got dicks like Jesus

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I <3 edamame beans

I've been in a grade A state of mind lately. I'm moved into my new place that is 1) twice as big as my old place and 2) in the plateau. Those points make me super happy because a) my house isn't a tiny junk filled shit hole anymore b) I have room to sew and do homework and play with the dog that is bigger then 2 feet c)buckley is happy which makes me happy d)I want to have people over more often because there is space for more then one person to sit e)I LOVE THE PLATEAU f) there are a hundred restuarants within 2 minutes walking distance g) I can take the 144 to school which is super fast and a lovely drive h) I can walk to work in 4 minutes i) I can be like my dad and get a Tim Hortons coffee almost every morning because it's a 2 minute walk from me j) I COULD GO TO THE LETTER Z WITH THIS SHIT!

Also, the weather has been beautiful which only makes my mood better.

Unfortunately, I've had an insane amount of school work and haven't had tons of time to unpack or have people over yet - but that time will come soon enough.

I'm trying to steal photoshop or illustrator off the internet right now so I can use them to make my business card I have to make for job task analysis class. (My teacher said she wants us to print out 1000 which costs like 70 bucks. No thank you Yolande.) As far as computers go I'm slightly retarted and need someone to do this for me. As well as make my business card.

One thing I am good at which makes me feel better about being computer illiterate is MAKING MY OWN BBQ SAUCE. I bought sweet steaks for Matt and I at the butcher today and this is how it went down. (I'm N and the butcher is B....simple)"

Is that rib eye steak? - N
Yes it is rib steak, you know your meat. - B
Can I have 2 slices of that please? - N
Of course, I'll cut them up nice. - B
*brings over steaks for me to see*
Don't worry, I'll cut off the fat so you don't lose your elegant figure. - B
*giggle* thank you - N
Your boyfriends going to be happy tonight, his girlfriend knows how to pick steaks. - B

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Turn around, brighteyes.

I'm sure everyone has seen this a million times by now and usually I wouldn't post commercials on my blog, but this is one of those few things that every time I watch my heart feels full of happiness and my eyes tear up.

Plus the arachnid guy is a babe.

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