Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I ate 4 pillsbury turnovers tonight.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

that's what I want.

I need to make money.
I need to make it not telemarketing or working in bad restaurants.
There has to be a way.
I feel like so many people I know live comfortably without working at all, or barely working.
Is everyone parent reliant or is there something i'm missing?
I seriously need answers asap please.

Friday, July 18, 2008

blog the world.

i've been clicking next (the option on the top of your blog) for about 5 minutes now and have found some good stuff.

all of these (plus there were more, seriously) are about disney star twin boys (they were the first ones to come up, i'm not the only blogger with disney on my mind), it's the same blog over again with different pictures. obsessed girl or cheap publicity?

this blog is about disney girl stars i was previously mentioning.

this one is about thomas the train but in spanish

these are rad drawings, again in spanish

this one is all about dragon ball z, in spanish

there might be more soon.

dear province of quebec school board: fuck you. love, nichole


in loft related matters as well.

also, something to add to my disney stars post, 3 out of 4 of the 'Cheetah Girls' are good healthy sized girls, like fat-asses, love handles healthy. I'm into that.

i didn't type in anything to do with disney stars and i found this. yeah you tube!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Disney stars of today. Version XXX

Sidenote -
so i'm watching the show 'Next' on MTV right now which is ridiculous, and on one of the dates they are making the girls dance with a bear and all I can think is about how sad I feel for that bear that instead of roaming the wilderness he's being forced to wear a tutu, stand in a concrete parking lot that is caged in and deal with the biggest douche bags on tv. For like a 2 minute part too. this is so depressing.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Ok, so when we moved into this place we were informed that our neighbour (there is one other person on the 3rd floor with us whose door is kitty corner to ours and who we share both our patios with) is barely ever home and we would never see or deal with and he is very nice and quiet.

Not the fucking case.

So for the first couple months living here that was how it seemed, we would never hear or see our neighbour and barely knew he was there. Then as spring came we could hear his door opening and closing a million times a day, but other then that had no contact with him.
Then, for a week in March, we babysat a dog named Jack who would bark like crazy when we weren't home. I felt bad about it but there wasn't really anything I could do.
One day when I was coming home from work the neighbour must have heard me coming up and opened his door to talk to me. (It's impossible to avoid. Our doors are like a "v" shape with each other, facing in.) Very sassy like he said 'is that your dog?', not introducing himself, not saying 'oh hi, by the way', just starting with that. I apologized and explained that he would be gone in a few days. He just huffed and as I reached out my hand to shake his and was saying 'By the way, I'm Nichole' he closed the door on my face.

More door opening and closing happened and we realized that our old french man neighbour had a boyfriend moving in (who also had a little yappy dog so wtf man.) We didn't think much of it except soon after we realized that he smoked and our apartment started wreaking like smoke all the time. We couldn't figure out why our hallway and our apartment smelt like it so much then one day when I was coming home I realized that they were leaving their front door open to waft out the smell (we share a hallway with them only). Even though it was smelly that wouldn't bother me except every time we came home from that time, through the first door, they would RUN to their door, peak their head out to see if it was us, then slam their door shut.
If it is such a big deal, and you're so worried that we are looking into your apartment why would you leave the door open. I don't know.

Then it started happening with the back doors. Every time we were out on the patio (on our side) they would poke their head out to see what we were doing then slam the door.

Then a few weeks ago, Matt and I were coming home with an armful of groceries when we saw the neighbour opening the first door, we were right behind him so i said 'Can you leave it open please?' so we didn't have to unlock it again, of course he turns around, looks at us and closes it. Fine. Then we open it, get up the stairs and he is standing there, with his door open, head out, watching us struggle with the groceries then when we get to the top, slams his door shut.

Needless to say, it was an akward and shitty relationship we were having with our neighbours.

Then the other day I thought there was a change in the tide. I was bringing the dog in for a walk and got to the top of the stairs the same time our neighbour was opening his door. The dog ran into his house, and instead of the reaction I thought would happen, he just laughed and said helped me get him out, smiled at me and said bye. I was shocked and happy. I had hope.

Then tonight I was walking the dog down our street when I saw the neighbour coming up the street. Buckley barked when he spotted him (which is weird because he never barks at people on the street), I pulled the dog over to the side and said 'NO', then as my neighbour walked by and I smiled, he put his hand out - motioning for us to stop and move away from him, then said something in french which i didn't know word for word but knew enough to be saying something along the lines of 'get away from me', and booted it up the street.

For some reason I feel awful about all of this and don't know what to do. Why do they hate us so much? AH.

I know that was so long about a small neighbour problem, but it' s on my mind.

Sidenote = Matt bought the dog new toys tonight that squeak. Not cool.

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