Tuesday, February 24, 2009

gimme gimmes never get.


-to find a wicked job for the summer when coat check is over
-to make a million dollars a minute at this job
-all new clothes for texas
-to find a way i can still bake treats every night but lose weight instead of gaining
-get a monkey to do my busy work school projects that you need an IQ of 3 to do
-to somehow go to the oscars next year
-fud to only live 1 minute away so i can hang out with her ALL the time
-to be on iron chef one day (i'd be happy with an audience seat)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

everytime i look into your eyes I see the future

Tonight at work I was getting the last few coats at the end of the night, joking around with the last few coat-checkees and being happy to be done by shift. I gave a coat back to a guy who had gone out for a million smokes and every time he got his coat again asked me if he was so annoying (in french) I understood him and told him he wasn't, no worries. So at the end of the night he tipped me which was super nice and started to put his coat on. During this Lora (who works with me now!) was having a full-french convo with someone else. When she finished I said "I love hearing you speak french now that we work together. I never get to hear you speak it and you're so good at it." (because of my lack of french skills I'm amazed when I hear people speak it.) At that point, the nice guy who was nice and tipped me turned around and said "Did you just say something about all french people being bitchy?" To which I said "No, of course not, not even close, this is what I said to her....(repeat what I said)." he said oh ok and walked away. This made me a little upset because why would he think that or jump to the conclusion I would say that when all night I was nice to him. THEN some other guy comes up and VERY sarcastically says "Yeah its SOOOOOO weirdddd to hear people speak French in Montreal." At this point my eyes teared up and I told him in a very serious tone that I had said that because we are good friends and speak english to eachother since we are both english and it makes me proud of her to hear her speaking french so well and he shouldn't make judgements like that based on conversations he doesn't know about. He said a maybe sarcastic sorry and left.

I needed to get that off my chest because it's making me mad and I want to go to sleep. But the main questions here are:
-why do I always tear up and get super SUPER upset when a francophone gets mad at me for not being able to speak french, when if someone called me a hoe or something I would simply tell them to go fuck themselves.
-do these people want me to leave? (Let me be clear, many and most french people are friendly and patient with me for not knowing french, and even sometimes help. I'm talking only about the ones who get really mad or mean to/at me for something i'm trying to better.)
-do these people want me to not work and be homeless?
-should I always wear a button that says "I'm trying to learn french, i'm not very good at it. But am putting effort fourth."


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

girl you gotta work.

I need a hot office job and 250 million dollars please.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

dress undress dress undress

I'm going to go through every single thing I don't wear anymore right now and if it's not wearable or sewable making it wearable. IT OUT!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

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