Monday, August 24, 2009

somewhere smokin' rock now, in and out of lock down, i ain't got a job now.

I had the main for dinner tonight then my first ice cream cone of the summer for desert.

Friday, August 21, 2009

How many Twix does that make for you today...8?

I feel like I'm turning into Elaine Benes as I get older. More akward, more pessimistic and more ridiculous with dancing.

For some reason Green Room is closed down for the weekend so I'm in tonight Trot the Foxless. Ilya & I were both kind of sick feeling though so even though it blows it may be for the best. Instead of playing good music I downloaded so much good stuff tonight. I downloaded the majority of the Now and Then soundtrack along with some teenage heartbreak songs. I plan on playing them next week, pumping my fist and possibly getting a slow dance (most likely from Ilya).

We took Buck to the vet today and it was a pretty dramatic experience. We had to wait for about an hour before the doctor could see us because there was an emergency with another woman's dog. Watching how upset she was broke my heart and made me so scared for any future Buckley hurt situation. Fortunately, for Buckley and I, his situation wasn't too serious. He had to get his tail shaved and a cone though which is pretty sad/hilarious looking.

I also laid on the couch all day and watched the movie "Sabrina" (the 90's version, not the original) starring Harrison Ford & Julia Ormond. It was as good as I remember it and made me want desperately to go to Paris. Directly after finishing the movie my neighbour started playing "La Vie En Rose" on his accordion and I drifted off into a Paris induced nap. Beautiful.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Someone to close his eyes for you.

So watching Now and Then made me not want to suck and ride my bike. Maybe if I could put a little radio on the front and eat push popsicles it would be even more appealing. It would also help me not be in a situation ever again like last night. By a situation like last night I mean drinking TOOOOO much then having to take a 45 minute cab ride home from Verdun to NDG to Plateau. I get car sick in normal life, but in 'omg i drank so much whisky/rum i might die' world my car sickness becomes much more intense. Needless to say there was total rhubarb pie barfing when I got home. (Thanks Michelle for the pie. On the way in it was quite nice.)

Anyway, I had a nice recovery day today and have tomorrow and Saturday off! Woo. I also have a fun visitor staying with me this weekend. Her name is Mayble and she is a wild woman from China.


She's a cool girl.
For some reason I just got a crazy craving for grape soda. I never even like grape soda. I'm totally pregnant. JK. ewwwww
I need to get my act together this week and start figuring out important life things. I'm going to look into stuff for school, start paying back loans, not eating shit all the time and overall clean up. I also have decided I need to clean up my mouth a little. My general crudeness is hitting a peak lately and i'm afraid I've started to turn into a trucker. Before you know it I'll be buying caffine pills and paying $10 for a BJ from a lot lizard in a Flying J's parking lot. HI OHHHHHH.  (Example number one million of said crudeness)

I think this week I'm also going to get a membership to a movie store and rent a whole bunch of really great 90's rom-coms this week. When I was in Brockville last I watched "While You Were Sleeping" and it gave me rom-com fever.

Speaking of romance and by romance I mean me being in love. Bear Grylls was on Oprah tonight and I MISSED ITTT!!!! Fud told me they showed a shot of him naked (penis was fuzzed out, but still.) Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Here is my favorite love song in favorite version performed by Tony Bennett:

Here it is performed in one of the best 90's rom-coms "My Best Friends Wedding"

I know it's a super lame love/wedding song. But I don't care.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

 I need to get a grip on my emotions lately.
I want to lay on someone's rooftop/balcony and listen only to mid-90's rock music.

I just wanted to post the video for John Mellencamp's Wild Nights - but it's fucking enabled so watch it HERE instead.

I tried being exciting but since it wouldn't work, now I'm posting the most depressing song of life.

In happier news, I'm super excited to watch this this week. 
The below scene is the scene
that gave young ugly Nichole hope 
that one day a super babe Devon Sawa type would love her.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I clam....and scallop.

I just ate a 3 day old tuna/bacon sandwich and a large bowl of heavenly hash ice cream for dinner. How is my body still functioning? 

I know everyone who reads this/experienced the shitty summer we've had is going to hate me. But this intense heat is making me WANT CHRISTMAS. I guess everything makes me want more christmas (for some reason when typing this I first typed "more pizza"...I have a problem), but the heat is fucking KILLING me. Last night I slept on the floor in front of my door on Buckley's drool/butt puss * covered bed just to stay somewhat cool. Ew. 
*Buckley has a recent bum problem where his poor little tail is puffy and pussy and sad. I touched it tonight and he started shaking and climbed into my lap and my heart broke.

I had a fun japan visitor this weekend (SARAH) and I was so happy to see her. She brought me some super hot lace gloves and THESE FAKE NAILS I LOVEEEE. 

These are the nails I recently got done. Bad picture. They are little yellow birds sitting on trees. 

I'm going to go eat a blue tube freezie that was on sale at Segals. Yum yum yum yum yum.
p.s. sorry to anyone who notices I 1) look like i'm rapping in the above picture and 2) i'm wearing only a bra. WOOOOOOOOOOOO (not hot, I have chin sweat...)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Grand piano demo

Usually I don't love the Tim and Eric show, but I just found out that Eric from said show also directs music videos. I discovered this when I saw the new Major Lazer video (put on our Bootyshots website HERE), then when I got looking I found out he also has done videos for some other awesome artists like Ben Folds and Flying Lotus.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

why the fuck is ashton kutcher famous?

I really wish that I was Kelly Kapowski so I could wear outfits like this all day long. 

I feel like if I wear this now I would 1: scare small children and 2: invite ass rape from gangster-like men. fuck. I've been walking around my house in rolled down jean shorts and a bra all day and I think it's the most bangin' outfit I own. Oh well.

The past week has been super fun/busy. I went to Brockville for 4 1/2 days. We had a bonfire, beach day, motorcycle ride, Goodwill shopping trip, lunch with Nanny, pool day, canoe ride, bar night - pool included, and a lot of gin rummy. I got 3 more days of Fud after that too which was great, but has left me feeling home/sister sick.

On the news they just said there was a shooting in a pilates class in philly. oh man.

In happier news Bill Clinton worked his charming magic on Kim Jung Il and is bringing the 2 American journalists back to the US.

Looks like his sexiness translates well in North Korea as well. mmmm

Also, I've decided that if I can't make it as an extremely successful, rich business woman (type of business is yet to be determined), I'm going to be a cooking show host. Every time I cook something I find myself acting like a pyscho and talking out what I'm doing to myself anyways, plus I'm sure they make some money.


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