Tuesday, April 28, 2009




smokin' in the boys room

I think I ACED my fashion in society exam today which was the one I was most worried about. Yeah. Also, I ate me a bean and egg burrito this morning after grocery shopping and it was delicious. THEN I found 5 bones in my dirty pants. Yes yes yes.

I am though, not totally sure what to do about 2 things:

1)I got the job in stock at aa, and they put me at the cote des neiges store. Then Matt applied and got put there too. I talked to the manager about it to make sure it wouldn't be a problem, and the head hiring person said it's better to move me. Which is cool. But now it's been 2 days, and I've called them, and no ones calling me back, and I'm getting worried they have no where to put me, which sucks big time cus I'm brokkkkee. I don't want to call a million times, but need to work.

2)It's time to re-register at school (which is $250), but now I'm reevaluating what I'm going to do. I am thinking about going to Concordia next year instead. It would suck because I'm past the application deadline so I'll have to wait until winter semester, and I don't even know if I'm going to get in for sure (John Molson School of Business is harder to get in). I register for Lasalle again so I have backup or incase I change my mind (I'm not sure what I want to do), but it's $250. Also, I'm not sure if I like the idea of pretty much losing a years worth of school because I'm pretty sure my Lasalle credits won't count to Concordia.

fuck mang.
I need someone to make life decisions for me.
Or give me a million dollars so I can fuck off and drive around North America listening to sweet tunes.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The streets are mine!

today was my LAST DAY OF SCHOOL.
I had a good night last night, went to brett's bands show at friendship cove with bro-anne which was fun, and then today despite tons of review at school - had a good day! I had a delicious lunch with a smoothie and then when i was walking back to school I found 5 bones! Now i'm eating my delicious dinner of a sandwich with roasted red peppers, zucchini and brie, and a side of roasted sweet potatoes with cumin on them. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
oh and coffee.

So having a good couple of days made me super ready and excited for summer. The only bummer is that even though I don't mind my new job in the aa stockroom, they transferred me to the cote de neige store, which is SUPER FAR. There are 3 stores within 10 minute walking distance from my house and I get put in that one. Sux.

I'm not going to let that put a damper on my summer fun though. No way jose.

Also, here's an aaliyah/dmx video that chaz brought to my attention today.
Too much love. Too much.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I don't need no coversation. All I need is an ejaculation.

ok so i've fucked off on the blog thing for a while.
reasons being:
i went to texas
i came back
i caught up on school shit
easter came
i went to brockville
i came back
i caught up on school shit
and somewhere inbetween this shit my computer and matt's computer which collectivly had ALL MY FUCKING SCHOOL WORK ON IT both crashed so iiiiii......caught up on school shit.
The worst part is this school work is pretty much 'busy work' and in no way makes me feel mentally stimulated.

OK so for month (?) catch up - here we go.
Texas was WICKED, all the ladies i went with were super relaxed and fun, we saw a lot of good shows and Joseph Gordon Lovitt stuck up for me when i told off a mosher for moshing me in the face.
I went blonde again which turned yellow but am now real life blonde.
School sucks and i'm ready for it to be over big time.
Coda closed and I am now working stock room at AA. (I think? I had a training shift.) I worked 1 day at Milk n' Honey to help me get by. I ate and gave out a lot of pizza.
I went home to Brockville for Easter and it was nice to spend time avec ma famile. My dad found 2 deer skulls for me in the forest which are now living in my apartment.
I also went out to the only night club/bar in Brockville called the O2 which was covered in black lights and lady gaga songs. (When my nail lady asked if I wanted black light nail polish on my nails I said no, then changed my mind - phew.) It was pretty fun and jokes until I heard a girl who was with us drop the N bomb in the real racist way and almost shit myself.
Now I'm back again.
I'm ready for a summer of super fun. I'm not going to be a piece of shit like I was last year and am going to go out and have fun and do things this time, and not waste the beautiful sun.
I'm also going to grow mint (actually grow, not just cry because my seeds aren't sprouting) and buy a regular (not curvy) handled bicycle and stop being a weiner and ride it.


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