Tuesday, August 19, 2008


that was like the only photo i could find of fud where her tongue wasn't sticking out.

blast from the non-existant past.

matt introduced me to a website tonight called 'yearbook yourself' which i got super into. here are some samples I did of:


Monday, August 18, 2008


some guy named simon whitfield who was in the triathlon in the olympics tonight, who no one thought would be a big contender....JUST WON A SILVER. FUCK YOU WORLD, YEAH CANADA!

in other news: buckley did his first shake paw tonight. i am very happy with these events.

further news: i had spare ribs tonight. they were so fucking delicious.

ALSO, I found out this week i'm starting school for the first time ON THE 25TH! Which is wayyyy sooner then I thought. I have to go in to the school this thursday and get my schedule and student card, and also take my french, english and math equivalency test. (which is bad because I just had to spell check equivalency. cool) I'm excited to go to school but super overwhelmed at how fast its coming. On top of school i'm trying to figure out work situation/prepare for moving and keep my blog updated, which is no small task.


Sidenote: I'm watching a olympic report on a couple who has 2 kids in the olympics, a girl in softball and a boy in hardball, and the dad just said 'I want to beat China.....beat the shit out of them.'

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ghost sleep stinky sheet

Last night was my first night sleeping at home in my house for a week, and I was super excited to have a solid sleep. but guess what? NOT SOLID AT ALL.

First of all for some reason, only on my side of the comforter, right by my face, smelt like shit. Not like real human or dog shit, but like stinky mystery smell that I couldn't figure out.
Then I had one of the most realistic, scary dreams ever.

This is how it went down...

It was me, Matt and Buckley just hanging out like any other day, and I was applying my new dove deodorant when I felt something tugging on my arm that I couldn't see. So Matt told me to let go of it for a second, when the deodorant started floating. Pretty much the next little while consisted of us asking questions to what we assumed was a ghost and every time we asked it something that was true, it would make something move. Then I brought out a pencil and paper and the ghost wrote 'I DIE' 5 times in a column then I asked the name and they wrote 'LINDSEY'. I asked if they were murdered and everything started shaking which means yes, then a google search came up on the computer with the name 'ANN L. A....... Attorney at law' (i don't remember the last name). Then I asked if that was the murderer and everything started shaking.
Then I woke up.
I wasn't even watching anything that fucked up yesterday. I saw the x-files movie which was kind of disappointing and had nothing to do with ghosts. So I don't even know.

Question of the day: Who is everyone cheering for on 'so you think you can dance?' I want Twitch to win cus he's a hot babe.

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