Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Decision brain explosion

For some reason today normal decision making processes stressed me out wayyyy more then normal. I almost had a break down trying to figure out whether or not I should go to my afternoon class (brave a snow storm for a 2 hour class where I learn nothing), then/now i'm having giant confusion about going to Texas. I thought going this year would be impossible because of lack of money, and getting time off school. Now however, I found out I am getting quite a bit more in bursaries then I thought I would be, and I found a cheap ticket online, and I figured out a way of going where I would only miss 3 days of school. It is still money spent, which I don't have much of though so I'm not sure. It would be SUPER fun though. ergh.

To add to my already hurting brain, Matt and I then watched Lost. I heard this season was going to answer a lot of questions but so far, I'm getting more and more...lost. (PUN)

Ok I just had a super long phone conversation and now my brain is extra not working so I'm going to sleep!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I started school this week, it kind of sucks being back in school. I never want to dedicate any of my free time (which is limited) to meeting up for school projects, especially when everyone do 'check in' and 'check out' every day though which consists of every person in the class saying lives far away from me. I also don't like spending any time doing homework. I'm trying to make myself feel ok with getting mid-grades in the 70s and just spend medium time on homework, but unfortunately i'm a digger and need to get 90s or I get all pissy. Which is especially annoying because i'm starting to realize it doesn't really matter. Also, i'm starting to rethink the whole college thing, I feel like a 16 year old in most of my classes and today my accounting teacher pretty much said college was for retards and we would be dumb not to go to university. Cool. Most classes seem ok, and so far I only have 1 text to buy. In my buying class we have to "I'm Nichole and today I feel..." but because 80% of the class is retarded 16 year olds wearing ugg boots everyone just says "I'm tired" - Newsflash - it's 8 in the fucking morning. We're all tired.Outside of school i've felt pretty good lately though. Matt and I did a super house clean the other day and everything looks great which always makes me feel more relaxed. All i've been doing in my spare time since the weekend is watching Lost and reading Twilight. I didn't think I would like Twilight because I'm usually picky about books but well reading it I turned into a horny 14 year old girl, dreaming about being the hot vampire teenagers girlfriend. It was fun. Tonight I made chocolate chip banana muffins with my kitchen-aid and they are DELICIOUS.

We had our 2nd Bootyshots night/my birthday party on the weekend and it went pretty awesome. The birthday part was kind of a bummer since the only friends of mine who showed up were Brett, Brit and Maryanna, but we had fun. I ended up getting more hammered then I have been in months and dancing on the bar...again. It started a trend this time though and tons of hoochies were doing it at the end of the night. Ilya and I are holding an afterparty this Saturday too which i'm pumped about, but also a little grossed out by knowing i have to go to work at 8 and probably be up until 8 am. Plus I never ever go to afterparties, so this one might kill me. Let's hope not yo.

BTW MONDAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! I'm going to be 22 - barf city. If any of you blog readers are debating what to get me and have big dollaz then I would like the gold nail rings from Bijules NYC, several pairs of expensive jeans, lots of fancy tops, book number 3 of the twilight series, season 1 of 30 rock, a million dollars, robert pattinson naked, or a golden collar for buckley. All or any of these is acceptable. THANKS!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This Saturday is the 2nd Bootyshots! night and my official birthday party!!!!
I hope to see everyone there!!!

Full info HERE

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