Sunday, November 30, 2008

long time no blog.

I have not written a post in a long time on here. To the 3 people who read my blog...sorry.
Today is the first day in weeks where I have no homework or no night planning to do. Amazing.
I'm using my free time to watch the long britany spears interview on much music. I still haven't decided if she's crazy or not. A bit I think.
I had such an awesome weekend this weekend. First of all Fud came up to visit, which always makes my weekend awesome, plus me and Ilya threw our first party at Coda and it went way better then expected!
Well, I thought it would be awesome, but it was more awesome the I anticipated. We broke even and had a fun dance time. Theres pictures at, everyone should go look at them.
I'm in a super good mood now because I just had a fun weekend, then chocolate cake, then chinese food, then bone-tient, and now relax-tient. YES. I feel super sad that Fud left though, I wish that Toronto was 20 minutes away.
I might actually go to yoga with Ilya tomorrow for my first time of life. I'm a little nervous because it's hot yoga and I don't do well in high temperatures, but i'm hoping it will be ok.

Over the next 2 weeks I have my final classes and final exams, but no more final projects which is so good. I'm going to spend this time studying and getting pumped up for christmas. On ABC there is going to be a christmas movie on every day starting tomorrow night. YES YES YES

Monday, November 17, 2008

keep it fat b.

it won't let me put it on here but heres the link to the new beyonce video.
the dance moves are so bompin' and blow my mind.
it makes me want to have a rocking body but keep my ass fat.

watch it.

Rhianna Timberlake <3

has anyone seen the new rihanna video 'rehab'?
did anyone elses brain melt from the insane hotness of watching justin timberlake and rihanna being sexy together?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

shoot your booty

Ilya and I started a new blog for our new promotion group/night.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

People like when you treat them mean - she's going to come back and buy a blouse.

I don't have anything super exciting to blog about, but I haven't written a new one in a while so I thought I should. My weekend was kind of shitty until tonight.
I worked Friday night and Steve Aoki was DJing, so obviously it was retarded and there was a million people. Coat check filled up/I ran out of hangers by 1 and people were FREAKING out.
Girls were screaming at me saying 'what the fuck am i supposed to do with my fucking coat?' which I was in NO mood for since I was sick and holding back barf, and douchey douchey dudes were like 'Come on baby, come on, make room for me, I'll give you a dollar (kissy noise, kissy noise)" which I SUPER wasn't into, and then the holding back of barf subsided and I blew chunks. I made mad tips which was good though. Saturday I watched Harry Potter 1&2 well laying in bed then went to work again because no one could take my shift. Then I had to get up early today to go far away to work on a school project. But thennnnnn....Matt and I ate Wendy's frosties with M&M's in them. Then I went to Brits house and she gave me awesome Japanese magazines, a special pop can opener so I don't break a nail and then showed me all the insane nail decorations she got that she's going to share with me so we can amazing nails together next week. The nails there are bananas and make me feel like nails here pale in comparison.

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