Saturday, June 28, 2008

it's getting hot in here. SO IM GOING TO BARF AGAIN

it is a million degrees in my apartment right now which is not helping the fact that I am really hungover and feel like my body is burning from the inside.
i broke the 3 week streak last night and actually went out and got drunk.
it was a fun and summery day, but unfortunately a little tooo fun and i spent my whole other day off (today) barfing, saying 'MY HEAD HURTS' to matt, and eating saltines.
now i gotsa work again tomorrow, which sucks because i'm not working in ice cream anymore, but has it's upsides because now i'm not going to continue eating 10 bowls of ice cream a day.
i watched 'sometime to talk about' today when i was laying on the couch. i thought i liked every julia roberts movie from the 90's (in a 'this mindlessly makes me happy, she's so sweet kind of way) but this one, proved me wrong. i was not into it at all. sorry julia.

i've had the craziest dreams lately.
the other night i had one where i went on a trip to japan and did a whole bunch of things, but the dream ended with me seeing arnold schwarzenegger and giving him a peace sign and saying 'OBAMA '09!' which makes no sense. then last night i was in a van sneaking into some country and i had a sparkly pink cape that would make me invisible. later in the dream i saw shia labeouf when i work working, chased him, convinced him to let me hang out with him, invited fud and fud totally made out with him. it was a sad end of the dream.

batman begins is on and christian bale is a babe.
AND every saturday there are fireworks in montreal and i can hear them so loudly from my house so i thought i could see them and there is 1 tree blocking them. if that one tree wasn't there i would have a firework party everynight. ah.
i don't not want the tree there at all, just over a little bit. another reason i wish i controlled nature.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

gamble? cook? gamble? mow? gamble? feed child?

I sat behind a really stinky old man on the bus coming home from work tonight and now it's all I can smell 2 hours later and it's making me wonder if it's me.

I'm smelling myself and I don't think it is, but I feel like I am haunted by the ghost of that guys smell. blahh......

Todat was St.Jean Baptiste day (for all non-quebec living people who don't know, it's a french holiday where quebecois celebrate themselves and how they are a superior race). When I left the house for work today there were hundreds of people walking up Sherbrooke wearing blue and white shit and carrying quebec flags. On my way home tonight I walked by a french man with a goatee in a full pilgrim costume. (sidenote: why the fuck would anyone want to dress as a pilgrim for halloween?)
I'm up late tonight because after readjusting my sleep patterns to going to bed at 1ish and getting up at 9ish (early for me), I have to readjust again because my shitty ass job has changed my shifts to 3-10 which would be fine if I lived close to my work but it takes me over an hour to get home now, even more if i miss the 10:15. Not ok. So now i'm trying to be a night owl again. Somehow when I worked at Nordia I would have to be at work for 9 every day (it took 45 minutes to get there) and would go to bed at 2 or 3 every night and be fine. I need that again.

Speaking of staying up late, I've been thinking of how 'non-party' i've been lately and it makes me sad. I haven't been drunk (i've been drunk by myself twice in the past month but i'm not counting that) in like 3 weeks or more. (Again, excluding last Friday when I had 3 glasses of wine, watched Wayne's World and passed out at 12). I'm in a slump for real. I'm the worst 21 year old of life.

There was just a commercial on for Las Vegas and it was like "The average American spends 80 hours a week doing nothing" and then started flashing words like 'Groceries, Mowing, Cleaning, Cooking....' and then continues to explain how going to Vegas is a better use of that time. I don't think it's a joke. I think Vegas thinks it's more important then Cooking...

I can't stay awake anymore. Readjustment failed.

Friday, June 20, 2008

macsta la vista, technology.

I found these on ebay today. It is indeed American Idols David Archuleta, and Jason Castro.
The last one is a Terminator shirt with a computer joke mixed in. These shirts cost 150 dollars plus shipping each. I'm serious. The only other shirts by this artist is a metallica one and a lil' wayne one. If anyone is bored go on ebay and look up airbrushed shirts. There's a lot of gems, including several of Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes. All the good ones are 50 buck or over though. I'm bidding on a cheap, but good one of Aaliyah right now.

I'm having a bad technology week right now. The internet isn't working on my computer so i've been forced to use Matt's laptop all week, and I DO NOT understand macs. Also, our cable doesn't have the list of what's on, so I have to guess, andddd our hot water is off. That's not really technology, but a water heater is a machine. So.

I'm watching the Much Music Video awards right now and Flo Rida sucks live. So hard. Which is disappointing. Rhianna looks like a crazy babe though. I was thinking about it and I think Rhianna is living my dream life, she gets to sing, dance, and wear sexy leather outfits. She got to fuck Shia LaBeouf, and possibly Jay-Z (allegedly).

Speaking of leather, we went to the West Island Value Village last night which is AMAZING and not picked over at all, and I got a really weird black fake leather dress. It's kind of garbage baggy - but I think it will be ok with a belt. I also found my dream summer boots which are big black suede boots that go up to my thigh. I found a pair of red timbalands and those boots that are like stilleto timbalands, but didn't get either because the red timbalands were a little rough looking (and it's summer) and the other ones got bad reviews/cost 10 bucks. I kind of regret not getting those though.

Why the fuck is Kristen Cavalari presenting an award? She must have had to suck some dick for that one.

A young orthodox guy who comes in my work all the time gave me the number for a talent agency the other day and told me I could be an actress (he previously had auditioned for them) then last night told me that one wasn't good and gave me the really good one. (?) He could be full of shit.....or I COULD BE A CELEBRITY.
I'm assuming he's full of shit though because he also said he's a diamond dealer. He's like 20 though. And I think a drug dealer. He also said he makes 2 million a year, and I do NOT think there are that many drug doing hasids out there. Who knows though.

Leah Miller's tits look like rock hard softballs. skank ass bitch.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

stay the night

why is getting up early so fucking hard? i always feel happy and awake once i get up and give myself a few minutes, but it actually takes me 4 times of setting the alarm later before i can even think of getting up.
also, i'm going to start making a collection of shit matt says in his sleep, it's getting funnier and weirder. last night he asked me if i saw the coach, the families coach. 2 nights before that he asked if i knew how to use the key to the ymca without using up all the batteries.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

i keep a 5th down by my nuts, see me.


On myspace right now the album of the week or whatever it is, is 'DRAKE'. That's right it's Jimmy the wheelchair rearing rapper from everyones favorite ficticious canadian highschool.

and I GUESS that makes me famous as well because.....

we're tight.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

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